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Introduction to Svelte, first steps in Svelte, migrating to Sapper & more

Hi there, I’m Marlos, your weekly curator. Currently I'm building the front-end of dev platform Jexia

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Svelte developers.

Hi there, I’m Marlos, your weekly curator. Currently I’m building the front-end of dev platform Jexia. Join me on my journey into Svelte!

Introduction to Svelte
Svelte for Angular developers
Internals: how does reactive declaration syntax work?
In practice
Svelte, Sapper, GraphQL & subscriptions
Signup form with HTML5 validation in Svelte
Maurizio Bonani
How to build a pagination component in @sveltejs Thanks @Rich_Harris #svelte is 🔥 #VueJS #reactjs #javascript
6:02 AM - 28 Jul 2019
Sapper migration - Part 1: SEO, Twitter cards, OpenGraph
A test w/ Svelte, Sapper, Cypress, Rollup & Storybook
Use Svelte with SASS/SCSS in VSCode
Exploring Sapper + Svelte: a quick tutorial
Build a simple to-do app using Svelte and Cosmic JS
Interactive Svelte playground
Svelte-awesome - Semaphore
Testing utilities for Svelte
Claude Barde
It only takes a few days to get up and running with Svelte!
I used it to create a conjugator for Sumerian verbs and combine my passion for programming with my passion for ancient languages, only with #Svelte, #javascript and #CSS 🙂
5:38 PM - 31 Jul 2019
Introducing svelte-cordova template
Svelte-devtools: inspect component hierarchy & state
First steps in Svelte
Svelte: first impressions
Max Koretskyi aka Wizard
For anyone following progress of all frontend frameworks, these 3 videos are a must-watch: by @youyuxi by @dan_abramov by @Rich_Harris

#webdev #javascript #react #vue #svelte
3:22 AM - 29 Jul 2019
Svelte: maybe the only frontend framework you need
My web app architecture: Svelte w/ API (micro)services
Build a Sound Board with Svelte
Building web apps with Svelte - Mark Volkmann
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