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Comparing Vue and Svelte, a Svelte quiz app, Svelte-prism & more


Svelte Status

November 29 · Issue #17 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Svelte developers.

Introduction into Svelte by Devlin Duldulao
Duration: 32 minutes
I created the exact same app in Vue and Svelte
Rich Harris
So, web components

• break a11y
• break progressive enhancement (no SSR, broken without JS)
• don't work with SVG
• share a global namespace instead of being modular
• ...

Imagine how much tedious moralising we'd see if JS frameworks shipped with similar limitations
9:08 PM - 23 Nov 2019
In practice
My first Svelte app
I created a quiz app using Svelte
Solid on SAFE
w00t! Just published my first @sveltejs @d3js project, a port of the D3 Force Directed Graph example to Svelte. LIve here: Code here:
8:08 PM - 26 Nov 2019
Create a blog with Svelte and API
Tanay Pratap
We're thinking of trying @sveltejs for our hackathon project in Microsoft.
The goal is to keep the app light.
Need recommendations for
a tutorial to get started,
a routing library and
a css component library
which are the bare minimum to get started.
Please RT for reach 🙏♥️
2:12 PM - 18 Nov 2019
Deploy Svelte with ZEIT Now
We need Prettier for Svelte :) @sveltejs
4:08 PM - 23 Nov 2019
Prism-svelte: Svelte extension for prismjs
Awesome-svelte-resources: Svelte v3+ utility
Template for building basic applications with Svelte
What's new in the 2019 state of JavaScript survey
it's that time of year again — and Svelte is included in the front-end frameworks section for the first time, so share your experience of using it:
5:40 PM - 27 Nov 2019
Svelte beginners intro - How to make a basic Svelte app
Duration: 7 minutes
Duration: 21 minutes
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